Suzan St Maur

Content Strategist & Business Writer

Canadian born, UK-based Suzan St Maur (a.k.a. “Suze”) is an experienced content strategist and business writer, having worked as a writer/producer/thinker across pretty well all business media apart from tablets of stone for the last 20 years or more.

In more recent years she has been specialising in online communications which she loves ... the internet has become her spiritual home.

Today she helps clients - mainly SMEs - make the best of their business communications both strategically and practically. And she's pretty good at it.

Because no-one else had done it, in 2011 Suze founded the award-winning "" a website devoted to how to write better across all imaginable genres. Today the site offers more than 1,000 articles and tutorials on a wide variety of writing-related topics including fiction, job search, academia and more - along with a very strong focus on business writing.

Most articles have been written by Suze, but she is lucky enough to have contributions written by many other well-respected writers from around the English language markets. 

She is also an avid author, with a number of published non-fiction books to her name, two of which have been long-term Amazon category best-sellers.

Beyond that Suze - as a 2 x cancer survivor - works about 20 hours per week as a volunteer, chairing a very active local group dedicated to developing and implementing cancer survivorship. More on that here...  

Content Strategist & Business Writer

Canadian born Suzan St Maur (a.k.a. “Suze”) was transported to the UK when a child and despite resultant cultural challenges managed to leave British secondary school with a couple of “A” levels and no talent for anything other than writing, so her career options were fairly clear cut.

After serving a full journalism apprenticeship on a provincial newspaper, she attended and graduated from the then-famous Watford Art School advertising writing course and worked in London ad agencies as a copywriter for a few years, before deciding she was far too bolshie to be an employee and so became a freelancer.

While comfortably paying her mortgage and bills her work took off into the areas of business theatre and corporate video, in which disciplines she became the Grandma Moses of corporate script and speechwriting for many years.

Suze also developed useful skills as a conference and video producer, largely in emergencies caused by the actual practitioners’ bunking off through illness, drunkenness, excessive use of recreational substances, etc. It’s amazing how fast you can learn to do a job if the person who should be doing it is in la-la-land …

These days Suze concentrates on delivering unique written content and editing across most business and nonfiction genres, in both digital and print media. She enjoys consulting, writing, editing for and coaching clients in addition to running her other business interests, writing her own books, blogs and articles, plus giving blogging workshops, radio interviews, etc., on how to make your writing more successful.