19 Jul 2019

Milton Keynes Business Advice Board

'10 Minute Tip' by Shankar Meembat - Business Advice Board - 7am to 9:30am

Shankar Meembat considers himself to be a true citizen of the World. Shankar has lived and worked in Asia, Europe and the UK.

Shankar owns The Alternative Board here in Milton Keynes. Shankar helps forward-thinking business owners like you grow your business, increase your profitability and improve your life by chairing local business advice boards. Shankar also delivers one-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions using proven business tools and services.

The business advice boards that Shankar creates, manages and facilitates, comprise local business owners, managing directors and CEOs like you who run non-competing businesses. Board members meet monthly to learn from one another's successes and mistakes, and advise each other on the real opportunities and challenges they face, to grow their businesses to the next level.

Board members also benefit from 121 coaching sessions focused on their business and personal goals and access to proven business tools designed specifically to help small business owners like you.

Learn more about Shankar’s invitation-only membership model and find out how it will help you and your business. Call Shankar on 07411 130 680 to arrange an informal meeting and discover if it’s the right fit for you.

Shankar’s experience includes many years driving business growth at Nokia and leading global teams before starting his own company. Shankar is also an Angel Investor in many start-ups.

About the conversation:


Making a decision is easy……. Making the RIGHT decision is another thing altogether.

Shankar Meembat will be the Business Growth Club Milton Keynes ‘10 minute Tipper’ this Friday 19th July at 7am.  He will be speaking about the rationale behind you making the right decisions in your everyday business life.

As a business owner you expect your business to deliver what you want out of your life. But it’s so easy for you to lose sight of this and let your day-to-day business realities take over.

Business owners and leaders like you have to make decisions every day. Many of them will be critical. When making those decisions, you will be naturally biased depending on our own thoughts, experiences and beliefs. Getting rid of your bias is humanly impossible but, tuning into your self-awareness will make your decision making process a lot easier, simpler, quicker and far better.

Like most business owners and leaders you think your decision making is based on rationality, but is it really? Are you always rational? Your natural bias, together with what you believe is rational, can actually make you completely irrational!

Shankar’s talk will be aimed at businesses owner managers and leaders like you. His key message and deliverables will include how you can easily recognise your own biases and therefore make far better decisions more quickly and efficiently.

Business owners and leaders like you have to make multiple decisions every day. You make these decisions based on the data you collect or are presented with and your own experiences. The impact of these decisions on you, your organisation and your team can be far reaching and long lasting.

Shankar’s 10 Minute Tip will provide business owners & leaders like you with simple but effective strategies to constantly improve your decision making process and enjoy better results.