Be a 10 Minute Tipper – share your expertise

Every meeting starts with a “10 MINUTE TIP or TOPIC" from a local business expert like you, to help drive the conversation and encourage members and visitors to get to know each other more deeply - and more quickly, too.

You don’t have to be a member to share your 10 MINUTE TIP or TOPIC – we welcome any professional who has some useful advice and/or information to share.

And when you come along as a “tipper” your breakfast, of course, is free – our way to say thankyou.

Unlike the formal networking groups in our region, at the Business Growth Club we expect and encourage everybody around the table to interact with your presentation.

They may chip in, butt in ... ask questions, make comments, or even add a bit of humour.

We love everyone to join in so it becomes a real conversation.

Please be aware that our 10 MINUTE TIPS or TOPICS should not be sales pitches. However, your 10 minutes give you the chance to demonstrate your professionalism and expertise in an informal, friendly way that will help cement the new business friendships you form via the BGC.

To propose your 10 MINUTE TIP or TOPIC, simply drop an email with its title and a couple of descriptive paragraphs to Please also include your telephone number. We’ll get back in touch with you to discuss it further and let you know available dates.