About networking

Why the Business Growth Club brand of networking works so well

Loads of people try to make a living from business networking. One of the things they do is sell seminars and courses on how to network and offer to teach you what they call "essential networking skills." Frankly, most of this stuff is over complicated rubbish that won't help you.

With the Business Growth Club, networking is really easy. It is so easy and simple that absolutely any business owner or professional can do it.

Setting the scene for useful conversations

Fundamentally, networking is just about having conversations with people. Just like all the other conversations you have in your everyday life, some go well and others don't. There is nothing wrong with that.

You will have good conversations with people you are most likely to get on with. If a conversation doesn't go so well that is fine too. You can't get on well with everybody.

Discovering relationships that will work – and those that won’t

You are not looking to do business with anybody and everybody: that is never going to happen. You are seeking to attract people that you are most likely to enjoy doing business with.

You are also seeking to avoid people you are least likely to enjoy doing business with.

If you don't feel comfortable with them in a simple conversation they are unlikely to make ideal customers even if they buy what you sell. Believe me, you really want to leave them to other business owners who will either get on with them better than you do or are silly enough to take the risk.

The “3 BYs” of business networking with the BCG

The good news is that the three most important things about networking are really easy:

The 3 BYs

  • Be Yourself
  • Be Yourself
  • and guess what? Be Yourself.

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