31Mar 2021

In Loving Memory of Suzan St. Maur

Author: Mark Orr

This is a very small tribute to a very big personality in the Milton Keynes Business Community.  Suzan St. Maur was a fellow member of The Business Growth Club Milton Keynes.  More importantly, she was a friend and colleague and even a customer.

Suze was abundantly generous with her time but didn't suffer fools gladly.  She had a very accurate BS detector and was very happy to offer her opinions which were always very well thought out.  I absolutely loved her wit and charm.  I would often call her to get genuine feedback and advice as I knew it would be given robustly without any flannel.  I also loved Suze's humour, even when I was the butt of some of her quips.  She was great fun to be with.

Missing you already Suze!