20Oct 2014

Business Networking Formats

Author: BGC bgc

One size definitely does not fit everybody.  Many very keen networkers will strongly push which ever group they go to as being "the best".  When you see or hear these words challenge them.  Best for what? Best for Who?  Why?

The best networking for you will always be the events that you actually enjoy.  An event that you would still go to even if you didn't have to do it for business purposes.  An event that you would happily pay your own money to attend.  That is because life really is too short to be doing stuff you don't enjoy.  It is also important to remember that people who are clearly enjoying themselves and therefore look happy are usually the most attractive people in the room.  Other people like to speak to happy people and will gravitate towards them.

For me the classic "stand and deliver" "minute to win it" elevator pitch is not enjoyable anymore.  I am not that keen to deliberately go and hear 20 sales pitches.  What can make that worse is that if you meet the same people every week 80% of them will deliver exactly the same sales pitch.  Repetition is the mother of learning but in this environment it can also be a cure for insomnia.

Speed networking is very intense and slightly false.  You are condemned to sit opposite somebody you may prefer to avoid just because the whistle has gone and it is their turn to sell to you.  The kind of people who enjoy speed networking are those for whom quantity is far more important than quality.  If you prefer to have good conversations with people that you naturally like then speed networking will not be a good use of your time.

The reason why Business Growth Club Milton Keynes uses what we call our "Light Theme" is to generate new conversations each week so that our members and visitors get to know each other in deeper and more meaningful ways.  It also stops people delivering unnatural sales pitches.  The "Light Theme" is different every week so the conversation is different too.

What is your favourite business networking format in Milton Keynes?