11Apr 2015

Networking in Milton Keynes is all about helpin...

Author: BGC bgc

Sometimes it is helpful for business owners and professionals in Milton keynes to know who to avoid working with.

It is a fact of life that there are some very dishonest people about.  The networking environment is cosy, positive and friendly so nobody wants to say a bad word about anybody. Sadly, this makes it an ideal environment for dishonest people to thrive and groom their next victim.  So, please, if you see somebody out networking who you know to be dishonest tell other peiople in the room.  

This is a positive thing to do, not negative.  You could save people from losing time and money which are the two things we all need more of.  Sadly, I am not allowed to name and shame on this web site but if you call me I would be happy to let you know the top six people to avoid in Milton Keynes.

Be careful out there, not everybody you meet is as nice as they seem.