28May 2019

Remember, with Business Networking in Milton Keynes you're not alone!

Author: Mark Orr

THE ALTERNATIVE BOARD FREE TASTER MEETING THIS FRIDAY MORNING 31ST MAY AT 8:30AM - ONLY 8 PLACES AVAILABLEBook one of only eight free places hereYou may know that I'm a keen business networker. One of the reasons I love face to face business networking is because I enjoy receiving other business owners totally voluntary support and advice. Without it business can be very lonely. But, you don't need to be alone.I fully understand that many business owners like you don't really enjoy business networking events and find the meetings far too salesy or frivolous. So, although you may enjoy the free support and advice, it's such a small part of the whole meeting that you really don't have the time.You're looking for something far more focused on you and your own personal and business needs.The Alternative Board Milton Keynes should be right up your street. This is definitely not networking. It's a bit like a mastermind group of similar business owners and leaders who get together regularly to share issues and success stories which benefit everybody around the boardroom table. Can you imagine the energy in the room?Book one of only eight free places hereCome and meet Shankar Meembat who runs The Alternative Board here in Milton Keynes.Shankar will guide you through a free taster session of The Alternative Board in Milton Keynes so you can discover if it's the right way forward for you and your business.. This session won't be a sales pitch as it's just as important for Shankar to find out if the Board is right for you as it is for you to find out if you're right for the board. This is a genuine partnership.There are only 8 places available around the table at this taster meeting. Make sure one of them is yours.The meeting will start promptly at 8:30am and finish by 10:30am so you can get on with the rest of your busy day. Shankar would like to thank Tollers Solicitors for their kind support by providing the room and refreshments. Their offices are at 201 Silbury Boulevard, Milton Keynes MK9 1JL. Please take care to pay for your parking.Book one of only eight free places here