27Nov 2015

Solar panels expert Milton Keynes

'10 Minute Tip' by Alleyne Thomas

“We are in the last months of the substantial financial inducement offered by the government on the installation of solar panels.  So what exactly does that mean for now and in the future?

Why should we use solar power, or indeed any other renewable energy source?  Is there a business case for solar power in industry?

They are ugly and make your house unattractive, what has the industry done to overcome that?”

Look at www.thegreenwaysolar.co.uk

About the conversation:

Every week at The Business Growth Club Milton Keynes we start our meetings with a 10 Minute Tip delivered by local industry experts.

After the 10 Minute Tip we go around the table one by one telling everybody how this week’s tip relates to our business or profession.

There are no rules at The Business Growth Club so you don’t have to stick to the tip, you are free to say whatever you want with the absolute freedom to be yourself.

The Business Growth Club is a very conversational, discussion based group so we also encourage others around the table to chip in with comments, questions or even humour. The meetings are designed to be fun as well as informative.