04Dec 2015

Marketing Expert Questioning Social Media

'10 Minute Tip' by Sumit Mittal

Could your business be better off without Social Media marketing?

Social media marketing is seen as the essential component of any sophisticated marketing strategy. It seems that if you are not thinking about social media marketing you not only are lagging behind your peers, you also may be in danger of business obsolescence. Or so many of the social media “gurus” would have us believe.


About the conversation:

Social media marketing is a tool that is much-hyped, usually by the social media companies themselves. You often hear of the businesses that implement their social media strategy with tremendous success: but what we do not hear about are the businesses that have lost money on social media. How many such businesses might there be? Hundreds? Thousands?You should not take social media marketing as a must for any marketing strategy. Many businesses have achieved excellent sales and profits without any social media marketing … in parallel with those who swear by its effectiveness.The answer is a measured, thoroughly considered approach to your marketing spend, whatever media you use. This 10 minute tip from Summit Mital at the Business Growth Club, Friday December 4th, will help you take a thoroughly considered look at yours.