24 May 2019

Award Winning Customer Experience Expert

'10 Minute Tip' by Mike Ashton - Award Winning Customer Experience Expert - 7am to 9:30am

Mike Ashton’s experience has been built over his 20 years career that has seen him hold top positions in the corporate sector including senior roles with Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, ScotRail, The Stakis Group and lastly, 9 years on the board of Hilton International as Global Senior Vice President Marketing & Brand Management.

Mike Led Hilton to No:1 in every major international market.

Mike also won two national business awards for marketing strategy.

Over the last 9 years he has been the Managing Director of ABCG Consulting & Training, working with a huge range of major national and international clients including ASDA, Oracle, RBS, Avon, Movenpick, Tetra Pak, Anytime Fitness and Visit Wales. 

Mike is a real big hitter and proven expert in helping other business owners like you put a cutting edge into their commercial strategy, customer experience and internal capabilities.

Mike’s key speciality is helping and advising mid-size and larger businesses build a competitive edge around compelling brands, brilliant customer experience and outstanding people.

He is also a renowned public speaker who has been in demand all over the world.  You can see some of his performances and what people loved about them in the links below,

Expert Keynote Public Speaker

Customer Experience Public Speaker

About the conversation:

Your Customer’s Experience, … Just how important is it to you?

Did you know that delivering a bad customer experience threatens at least 20% of your revenue!  No, it really does!

The key business question is, what can you do about it now?

Learn how to dramatically improve your customers’ experience this Friday morning 24th May at 7am.

According to Harvard Business Review, if you deliver an underwhelming customer experience you risk losing at least 20% of your revenue. Sadly, according to Forrester Research, customer experiences that underwhelm and disappoint are the norm.

This is a fantastic opportunity to become famous for delivering an experience that puts your competitors to shame and wins your customers hearts, minds and pockets. 

The other key question is, where to start?

This Friday 24th May at 7am Award Winning Top Customer Experience Expert Mike Ashton will share the 5 questions every business owner and professional needs to ask if they want to improve their customer experience and sleep well at night.