20May 2022

Business Networking Meeting - Two Business Analytics Experts

'10 Minute Tip' by Jon Hall & Lucia Rapanotti

Jon Hall is a Chair, Director and Professor with over two decades experience leading governance activity across a range of organisations including large professional bodies and major educational institutions and businesses. He is a Knowledge exchange ERDF grant winner for work his with Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, SMEs.

Jon is MBA qualified with an expert knowledge of the Education sector. He brings a fresh perspective and delivers practical solutions to any organisational challenge. Jon is a highly independent, critical thinker with a track record of leading and advising effective change and project management, developing strategy and influencing and developing policy.

Jon Hall is also a leading research scientist in organisational problem solving. He has extensive experience in designing, leading and evaluating research programmes in many fields, including organisational change, fin tech, safety-critical systems, and project management and has a long history of delivering excellent value to business. Jon's research has influenced industrial practice both directly and through contributions to international standards.

In terms of his personal research, Jon began his scientific career as a logician in Newcastle and York Universities, conducting research on engineering alongside Professor John McDermid, FREng, one of the leading proponents of the use of mathematics in engineering. After researching logic for many years, Jon began to apply the techniques to software engineering and then more broadly across engineering, finding deep links between ostensibly different areas. His most recent research explores problem solving structures that bridge the chasm between agile and plan-driven approaches to solving complex problems holding out the hope that wicked problems, previously unsolvable, will soon be effectively understood and treatable.

Luciqa Rapanotti is a strategic, educational leader with strong analytical and research skills. She’s an expert in educational programmes including technological innovation, content design, market analysis, strategic development, governance, quality assurance and student success. Lucia is an internationally renowned leading researcher engaged in organisational problem solving and enabling organisations to harness data analytics to support board level decision making.

About the conversation:

Discover How You Can Do Effective Business Analytics Using Free Tools

The old adage “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” doesn’t always apply. Many business owners like you may assume that a free tool will be useless and not even worth the time it takes to learn it. Our dynamic duo, the OU power couple, are on a mission to show you just how powerful some of these free tools are.

If you’re used to ploughing your way through complicated spreadsheets created years ago by someone who no longer works with you these tools will free up your time.  They'll help you to be more creative and regain control of your data. They’ll do so much more than any spreadsheet and you may even enjoy using them.

Jon and Lucia will also introduce you to a very simple “trick” which will instantly help you understand your customer base far better. They’ll also show you how that will help you discover actionable insights. Then you can take the right action and get the best results. What’s the point of having spreadsheets full of data if you can’t see what to do next?

Jon Hall and Lucia Rapanotti have worked with a wide variety of organisations, large and small, helping them solve their business problems. They provide follow-up coaching sessions to develop thinking and help to improve the way you use data in your business to gain an advantage.

You’ll be fully supported. If you can articulate what you need they’ll be able to provide great insights, help, and guidance tailored for you and your business.