25Sep 2020

Business Networking Meeting

'10 Minute Tip' by Jon Hall & Anna White - The ALPHAs Project - 8am to 10am

Very unusually we have two 10 Minute Tippers this Friday morning.

Jon Hall and Anna White run the ALPHAs project here in Milton Keynes at The Open University. Both have many years of experience in working with businesses, charities and CIC’s, creating deeper understanding of business problems and finding their solutions. Jon and Anna can give you access, through the ALPHAs project, to Open University graduates and academic expertise.

Jon Hall is a leading research scientist in problem solving with over 100 peer reviewed publications. Jon has extensive experience in designing, leading and evaluating research programmes in many fields, including organisational change, financial technology, safety-critical systems, and project management and has a long history of delivering excellent value to business. Jon has successfully chaired many scientific, governance and leadership committees and boards, and provided business evaluations for many companies. Jon’s work has influenced industrial practice both directly and through contributions to international standards.

In terms of his personal research, Jon began his scientific career as a logician in Newcastle and York Universities, conducting research on engineering alongside Professor John McDermid, FREng, one of the leading proponents of the use of mathematics in engineering. After researching logic for many years, Jon began to apply the techniques to software engineering and then more broadly across engineering, finding deep links between ostensibly different areas.

Jon’s most recent research explores problem solving structures that bridge the chasm between agile and plan-driven approaches to solving complex problems holding out the hope that wicked problems, previously unsolvable, will soon be effectively understood and treatable.

Anna White spent 15 years working for Thomson Reuters Scientific division. Anna's career included Editorial work, Product management and Project management.

Following on from those varied interests Anna then had a number of other roles which included working as a Product Manager for an Artificial Intelligence company, marketing for a local Bridal design company, and working with special needs children.

Anna grew up in Milton Keynes Anna is passionate supporter of all things MK.  Anna has many links to local businesses and charities so she's helping build economic growth from the bottom up.

About the conversation:

Do you have a problem that’s preventing your small business, charity or CIC from growing?

Discover how your small business, charity or CIC can work with The Open University to solve your organisations problems. The ALPHAs Project offers you free expert advice, and grants to help cover the cost of graduate interns and even capital expenditure. Here are just some of the main benefits:-

1. Grants of 30% towards the cost of capital equipment or expertise

2. 12 hours FREE workshop programme on leadership & management, digital tech, staffing for the future or financing your own growth

3. Academic expertise from the The Open University in Milton Keynes, University of Bedfordshire and the University of Northampton.

4. 60% of salary costs for a graduate for 3-6 months, including FREE academic consultant, to set your plans in motion

The ALPHAS Project creates a direct link for expertise and funding between The Open University and your small business, charity or CIC to solve problems in your organisation. This helps you create capacity for future employment so you can help retain graduate talent locally.

The ALPHAs Project is a partnership between the The Open University in Milton Keynes, University of Bedfordshire and University of Northampton. ALPHAs stands for Accelerating Leadership and Productivity in High Ambition SMEs. Now you can fully understand why they shortened it :-)