17Nov 2023

Improve the way you write in less than 10 minutes

'10 Minute Tip' by Olivia Abbott-Hawes - Professional Freelance Copywriter and Proof Reader

Olivia Abbott-Hawes is a results-driven freelance copywriter, proof reader, and marketing strategist with more than a decade of experience. Olivia’s written the words and executed the plans for 50+ brands, across 18 different industries.

When she’s writing, Olivia thrives on the challenge of taking something complex and making it easy for an audience to understand. When Olivia’s proofreading, you can trust her to pick up on every tiny little detail.

A versatile soul, Olivia’s background also encompasses project management, account management, and events. Which basically means that she loves a colour-coded spreadsheet and jumps at the chance to wear a hi-vis jacket.

Olivia works really well with small design and marketing agencies who need occasional external support for client copywriting, proofreading, editing etc. Olivia has a LOT of experience working with small to medium sized businesses within the loyalty, engagement, gift card, employee benefits, incentive, rewards and payments industry.

Olivia is also keen to work with clients in the following sectors:

Pet care
Independent beauticians/therapists (who want to invest in their marketing)
History and conservation

Olivia tends to work well with Marketing Managers, Marketing Directors or Heads of Marketing. She also has great experience working with the Founders, CEOs and Managing Directors of small businesses.

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About the conversation:

Improve the way you write in less than 10 minutes

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When to call in a professional

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Olivia’s tip will give you actionable techniques that you can apply to your own writing and proof-reading in any situation. This is especially helpful if you have to execute your own marketing.