14Aug 2020

Successfully Handling Customer Complaints

'10 Minute Tip' by John Dale - Complaints Handling Expert - 7am until 9:30am

Speak to John Dale, the Co-chair of National NHS Complaints Forum.

John is happy to speak at & chair conferences & local events. He's been a Director of the Milton Keynes based charity, Careers-Action which runs a job club.

John has also been a radio speaker on various subjects such as:

  • NHS Complaints
  • Access to Medical Records Consent Investigations Statements
  • The Rise & Fall of NHS Direct
  • John's career in the Ambulance Service & NHS
  • HMS Belfast (prior to a group visit?)
  • WW2 - Operation Market Garden WW2 - General Sosabowski
  • WW2 - D-Day WW2 - Easy Company
  • 101st American Airborne
  • WW2 - Wojtek Polish Bear WW2 -
  • Auschwitz WW2 - Tiger v. Panther v. T34 v.
  • Sherman Band of Brothers as a Management Tool
  • The Tarsier Primate
  • The Philippines as a Holiday Destination

John was Awarded an Outstanding Contribution in the 2014 Patient Experience Network National Awards.

As you can see, John is a man of many talents :-)

About the conversation:

Learn the 7 steps to successfully handling every customer complaint

How many times do you have an unsatisfied customer?

Do they come back to you once you have answered their complaint?

Perhaps they don't even give you the opportunity of understanding their unhappiness with your service or product.

Do you even know how many customers are happy with your service?