05Apr 2024

Learned Optimism from the leading Insights Discovery Practitioner

'10 Minute Tip' by Lindsey Charlesworth - Insights Discovery Practitioner - 7am until 9:30am

Lindsey Charlesworth is the founder of Clarity People based in Milton Keynes. She is pioneering a change in recruitment as part of her B Corp journey to transform the industry into a force for good.

Lindsey's background is as an Operations Director managing multiple teams across 3 continents.  In the last decade she pivoted to become an HR Director to help businesses harness the power of their people. This combined experience allows Lindsey to bring a commerciality to her People strategies that is a rare commodity.

Lindsey is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and vice chair of the Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes CIPD branch. She is a qualified ILM Level 7 Executive Coach, a Master practitioner of NLP and a qualified work conflict mediator.

Lindsey works really well with businesses that have 30 plus employees that do not have inhouse HR and use external recruitment companies.  They benefit from a headhunting level service at standard recruitment costs.

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Contact Lindsey by phone on 07874 001 605

Or by email: lindsey@claritypeople.co.uk

About the conversation:

Take a peek into yourself and others

You’ll learn

1) How do you bring your best self to your work or to your business?

2) How does your personal philosophy affect your daily life, actions and emotions?

3) Are you an optimist or would you like to learn how to become more optimistic?

Lindsey will share the work of Dr Martin Seligman and learned optimism to help you understand the 3 P’s and the way they influence all our lives (spoiler alert: they’re not procrastination, perfectionism and panic!).

Lindsey is an accredited Insights Discovery Practitioner. She’ll demonstrate how colour energy preferences will influence you. You’ll learn how these preferences show up in all your behaviours.