06May 2022

Business Networking Meeting - Leading Art Consultant

'10 Minute Tip' by Debra Danu Matthews - Leading Art Consultant - 7am to 9:30am

London born Debra Danu Matthews is an established versatile artist/illustrator now based in Buckinghamshire.

As a fine artist, Debra has widely exhibited within the UK and was the subject of a BBC 'Art Pause' documentary as well as a number of national editorial features.

As an art consultant and gallery curator Debra has been involved in various exhibitions, setting up pop up galleries and was responsible for curating the art work at the Milton Keynes Winter Gardens in the 90's -2001.

Debra works with both business and private clients to source artwork.  Her client list includes:-

Absolute Radio
Baddiel and Skinner World Cup 2010 Pod-casts, released via apple
Empire Games; 2-D artist 'Starsky and Hutch'
Mega FX Games
BBC Learning zone; Subject of their Art Pause documentaries, filmed painting and discussing my work.
Mobil Oil
BP UK; Resident artist
VW & Audi
Madam Tussauds
London A-Z
The Winter Gardens CMK

Debra says :-

“It's not complicated, get out to galleries, art fares and museums, discover what evokes, lifts and excites you and if you need guidance on this journey to get in touch”

Call : +44 (0)7733 112633

email: debra.danu.matthews@gmail.com

Instagram: instagram.com

Facebook: facebook.com

You can also buy Debra's work at Singulart


About the conversation:

Why Art Matters to your organisation

Discover the evidence that proves how having real art in your workspace improves your environment for your colleagues, visitors and yourself.

Real artwork will lift your workspace for your team. Art offers them points of vision to evoke conversation and inspire great ideas. Look at some hospitals as an example. The investment in real art in these buildings shows the positive impact of art helping to promote good mental health.

When your clients and suppliers visit your workplace your artwork delivers subconscious messages. Art shows that you really care about your workspace and the people who work with you in it. Your art will also show that your workspace is important. Your art also shows that you really care about the work you do in that space and the people you do it for.

Art says your company is successful.

Art can obviously be an investment.

If you buy the right art at the right time it will be another great investment for both the people and the organisation. Art in its own right can be a genuine appreciating asset for your organisation.

Choosing the right art for your company and the space.

When you’re choosing art for your home you can make that totally personal to you. It only needs to suit your taste. Workspaces are public areas so your choices should be guided by very different needs. You may want to steer away from certain art areas to avoid anything offensive. Your artwork needs to start conversations but not arguments.

A good art consultant will always look at your workspace purely as an interior design project first. From their bank of knowledge of artists they’ll understand what areas could be enhanced. The work needs to 'pop' in the right places and sit quietly and do its job in others.

Real art does not need to be expensive.

You have a wide range of choices in terms of content and affordability. Find an artist early before their work goes up in price. Rare prints that have been stamped or signed by the artist are now a great investment. There are also areas for you to avoid. These tend to be trend led. A good advisor will know where to look and what to avoid. They’ll help you learn too.

If your budget is limited, a standard print framed well can also work well. Follow some simple rules about content. What type of size would suit your space? Embrace what’s out there.

You don’t need to be a multinational organisation to have art in your workspace. Even if you work alone, seeing some amazing artwork looking back while you think through your ideas will encourage creativity and enhance your day.