04 Jan 2019

Leading Business Copywriter comes to Milton Keynes

'10 Minute Tip' by Stephen Church - Leading Business Copywriter - 7:15am to 9:30am

A quick summary of Stephen Church -

► With over thirty years experience of writing copy for websites and for print, I have the know-how and the creative nous to deliver copy that is Clear, Concise and Compelling.

► I'm based in Northampton. But naturally, I take on copywriting work from across the UK.

► Copywriting for Websites – I use innovative thinking to produce copy that is creative, appropriate and accurate – making your online presence look special and feel special. I work on Websites, Newsletters and Press Releases. I optimise web pages for the Search Engines.

►Copywriting for Print – I help produce business literature – from Business Cards and Letters to fully-fledged Brochures and Leaflets. I bring excellence, style and pizazz to your printed material with value that is second to none.

► Experience in E Commerce -

Having worked in the upmarket Gift Retail sector for over 25 years, I set up www.TheUKGiftCompany.co.uk in May 2005 and still oversee the maintenance and management of all aspects of the site.

► Web Skills

✔ Copy Writing

✔ Copy Editing

✔ Writing Social Media Profiles. You're reading an example!

► Print

✔ Catalogues

✔ Leaflets

✔ Business Letters

I also run Copywriting Workshops -

1. Make Every Email Count

How to use your everyday emails to build your relationships and boost your brand.

2. Sack the Copywriter!

Find more clients by making sure your web copy is clear, concise and compelling.

About the conversation:

A great way to kick off the New Year would be to think about……..


BUT hold on - you must be completely bonkers, (I hear you say)


At first glance, this key business message may well sound MEGA – DULL and not your 1st choice to start business in 2019;



In 2019, BGC kicks off the year’s ‘10 Minute Tipper’ programme with expert advice from an experienced SEO Copywriter.


Meta-Descriptions are VITAL, usually IGNORED and FREE.


For those of you who are unsure what Meta Descriptions are, they are the words that appear when your business pops up on the search engine results page.


Stephen Church owns ‘Copywriter Pro’ and is himself a very successful SEO copywriter. His 10 minute tip will massively improve your websites chances of being ‘clicked on’ ahead of the competition.


We all know the markets get tougher each year; the competition increases and lead generation becomes that much harder. It can be a full time job just to stay ahead of the pack.


For years, Stephen has been helping companies reach out to more clients by finding words for their websites that are clear, concise and importantly compelling. He is also recognised as a leading writer of blogs, newsletters, press releases, case studies and sales literature.


His expertise has been in great demand in difficult business areas such as Accountants, Recruiters and HR Companies – and let’s be honest, if you can make a success of those markets, it’s reasonable to assume you can tackle any other industry sector out there.


Starting 2019 with expert advice on how to increase your websites profile and ‘clickability’ would be an excellent way to jump start the New Year, increase sales leads and make a positive difference to your bottom line.