21 Jun 2019

Milton Keynes Acclaimed Data Security Expert

'10 Minute Tip' by Mark Bird - Data Security Expert

Mark Bird is such a keen data security expert that he doesn’t share much private information about himself or his career online.  I think he sees this as a potential security risk.  The more that’s known about you online the easier it will be for artificial intelligence to unlock all the locked doors to your data.

Mark has had over 30 years experience in IT systems and support.  His high ranking role at Lynx Networks has developed into protecting their valued clients from all sorts of data risks.  Mark has helped them become Milton Keynes proven experts in IT Support and Maintenance.

Basically, Mark Bird knows what he’s talking about!  Trust me!

About the conversation:


Did you know that 2018 was the first year where proceeds from Cyber Crime were great than Drugs Trafficking.

You may believe that your defences are becoming more and more sophisticated.  Unfortunately, the more complex they get the harder the bad guys work to successfully defeat them.  It’s an ever changing paradigm which is only getting worse and accelerating.

Criminals want your data which they can exploit to make money either through extortion or sale.

Microsoft Office based malicious code has been reduced by 55% but, at the same time, PDF based malware code has increased by 255%.

The rise of Artificial Intelligence brings a new and increasing security risk which is massively accelerated by machine learning morphing old threats into new ones everyday!

So what on earth can you do about it?

Firstly, - treat your passwords like you treat your underwear, hide them away, don't share them with your friends and change them regularly.

The uncomfortable and horrible truth is everyone who uses the internet is at great risk and there is nothing you can do to 100% protect yourself.  You cannot get rid of all the risks. However, there are plenty of simple things you can do to minimise and mitigate your risks by taking a few sensible precautions. 

Many small business owners like you probably believe that you’re not big enough to be targeted so why worry about all this stuff.  Sadly, that approach will just make you far more vulnerable and therefore you’ll become a prime target.

Mark Bird is a very experienced and highly acknowledged data security expert. Mark will deliver some valuable tips and advice on how to easily maintain a high level of data security for all businesses.  This also applies to all small businesses like yours, not just the big boys.

Mark’s tips will include avoiding the nightmare of losing your data or having it stolen. Did you know that 75% of businesses who suffer a significant data loss go out of business within 18 months.  

Mark will answer key questions like just how much better is the ‘paid for’ Anti-virus, with Malware protection.  Why you mustn’t allow your people to share usernames and passwords. Why you must restrict admin rights, application updates & much more.

Mark believes that within the next 5 years most business will see data security as a key reason to use the cloud.

You must know that poor data security affects us all.  Losing any of your valuable data loss will be catastrophic. That’s why you must book your place at The Business growth Club Milton Keynes this Friday 21st June at 7am and learn from the top local industry expert, Mark Bird.