21 Dec 2018

Milton Keynes Leading Business Goals Expert

'10 Minute Tip' by Chris Davies - Leading Business Goals Expert - 7:15am to 9:30am

Chris Davies works with companies, organisations or professionals who believe they are doing well, but are sensible enough to know there is always a better way to achieve more.

Chris works with the CEO, MD, or business owner, or any combination of managers and sales professionals within the organisation. The conversations Chris has with these teams revolve around executive & leadership skills development, performance management, sales processes, prospecting, hiring sales 'winners', demystifying 'Coaching', building confidence, training to use LinkedIn for sales, networking and authentic prospecting skills...and the list goes on. 

Chris finds that although many of these people have vast experience, they aren't always the best person to train all their people in the things their team needs to excel at.  There are also other activities where their talents could be better directed and their valuable time can be spent producing revenue elsewhere.

Chris works with leaders and top producers who are ready to work smarter and commit their time, money and energy to attract new clients, grow themselves and their team, and generate more profits.

Chris Davies specialises in LinkedIn, networking, call training, Public Speaking, Executive Development, Coaching, New & Existing Business Development, Prospecting, Sales Training, Sales Management, Business Strategy, Employee Benchmarking, Employee Assessments, Team Building, Seminars, Workshops.  Blimey he better be good on Friday ????

About the conversation:

What will you achieve in 2019?


It must have been around 12 months ago that you last enjoyed Christmas!  Doesn’t time fly??? 

Can you honestly say that, over the past 12 months you have actually achieved all your goals? Did you even set any?  No-one ever sets out to fail, but somehow the majority of us don’t set goals.  The majority of those who do can’t keep their goals on track for more than 30 days.

If you ask a room full of business owners and professionals if they achieved all their goals for 2018 you’ll probably get a sea of hands shoot up.  If this happens you’ll either be in a room full of very high achievers or deluded liars! It would rival the ‘Miracle’ of 2018 years ago in Bethlehem ???? 

You may already know that only 8% of people who set goals actually achieve them each year. Most of us don’t even set them in the first place! Only 3% of those who set goals write them down and just 1% reviews them daily.  This is why most of us are really “problem solvers” and “fire fighters” leaving everything to chance and hoping for the best. “Goal setters” are a very rare group of people who tend to achieve more than the rest of us. Would you like to join that group? 

There are 5 key things you can do to start stacking the odds in your favour.  This Friday morning, December 21st, the leading business goals expert, Chris Davis will present his 10 Minute Tip demonstrating how you can improve your business by turning your attention to setting realistic and achievable goals and then stay on track with them. 

Chris will deliver insights into how you can identify areas of your life that may sideswipe your attempts at keeping your ambitions on track. Chris has over 30 years in Sales & Leadership and is now part of the World’s largest Training, Coaching and Business Publishing organisation. 

Chris will share some practices that have been successful for so many of his clients and will be useful to you too. Imagine where you would be this time next year is you achieved all the 2019 goals you set yourself?