27Sep 2019

Milton Keynes Professional Debt Recovery Expert

'10 Minute Tip' by Tom Silverwood-Cope - Litigation Solicitor - 7am until 9:30am

Tom’s been a litigation solicitor with Heald Solicitors since 2008. He has a great deal of experience acting for corporate clients and smaller businesses working closely with Heald’s commercial team. Tom helps businesses to successfully resolve contractual disputes.

Tom’s commercial experience includes the sale and hire of goods litigation, contentious insolvency (such as misfeasance claims and reviewable transactions),misrepresentation claims; contested debt claims; and costs recovery. He’s also experienced in consumer litigation and has won over £1,000,000 for client’s who were victims of timeshare fraud.

About the conversation:

How to put your lawyer out of a job and manage your own debt recovery.

Many small business owners and professionals like you experience very slow payment and bad debt. The time and cost of chasing those debts makes the pain even worse. You could avoid all that.

Tom Silversood-Cope is a litigation solicitor at the well established and renowned Milton Keynes law firm Heald Solicitors. This Friday morning Tom will be sharing his top tips on how you can take control of your own debt management. Unbelievably, Tom will be showing you how to reduce or completely avoid the need for solicitors like him.

Tom will give you a step by step guide of what you need to have in place in advance. He’ll also show you the steps you need to take when the debt has begun to age.

So, if you would love to put your solicitor out of a job come and learn from Tom this Friday morning, 27th September at 7am.