16Aug 2019

Milton Keynes Qualified Lead Generation Expert

'10 Minute Tip' by Trevor Nicholls - Qualified Lead Generation Expert - 7am to 9:30am

Following a successful career in the police force, cut short due to injury, Trevor started his business career in the franchise arena as a financial adviser. Soon he realised he preferred to be involved in the sales and marketing side of business.

Klood became one of his clients and offered him a position to head up their inbound marketing department. In 2017, Trevor liked the company so much…. he bought it!

Trevor Nicholls is passionate about helping businesses like yours grow by ensuring your sales teams have enough qualified leads to work with.

So, what drives that passion for Trevor?
Having his career cut short with the Police Service, due to an accident, Trevor had to find something else to do. So Trevor qualified as a financial adviser specialising in business advice.

Trevor soon realised that a big part of his role was finding his own new customers. As a result, Trevor consumed as much sales and marketing knowledge as he could. He then found that whilst he was helping his clients with their financial planning, their conversations naturally lead to how they could grow their own businesses.

Very soon, Trevor’s natural enthusiasm for marketing far outweighed his interest in finance. So, Trevor bravely entered the marketing industry. Firstly he bought, grew and sold 2 franchises. Then he founded and grew his own business, The Leaflet Delivery Company, which he later went on to build into his own franchise network.

Trevor grew his franchise network primarily by implementing online digital marketing methods. Trevor learned everything he could about PPC, SEO, websites, conversion and marketing automation. Pretty soon Trevor’s leaflet delivery clients were picking his brains about their own online marketing efforts.

So, Trevor ended up selling his entire franchise network and started to consult clients including Klood on digital marketing. Klood then offered Trevor a great opportunity to head up their inbound marketing department. In 2017, Trevor successfully headed a management buyout of Klood Digital, the digital marketing agency as Managing Director.

About the conversation:

Discover the proven 3 stage formula that will increase the number of qualified leads that you generate from your website.

Our key note speaker delivering the ’10 minute tip’ on the 16th August at the Business Growth Club meeting will be Trevor Nicholls, the Managing Director of Klood Digital

Trevor Nicholls, MD of Klood Digital has built an enviable reputation as one of the leading business exponents helping you to achieve a better return on Investment from your marketing budget.

Trevor has developed a proven three stage growth formula that’s guaranteed to increase the number of highly qualified leads you will generate through your website; 1. Strategy, 2 Funnel and lastly 3. Traffic.

If you’re looking to grow your business consistently  you must make sure you have a robust, reliable and predicable lead generation system in place.

Trevor will show you exactly how to implement his proven process that enables your business to turn your website into a far better lead generating machine. This successful formula is simple to understand and straight forward to put in place. It has a simple logic behind it so you can concentrate on converting all those targeted new qualified leads into profitable sales, the lifeblood of all enterprises like yours.

You know that your company can’t grow unless you make new sales. Salespeople can’t sell more unless they have new people to talk to. That sounds really obvious doesn’t it! You already know that sales people need new targeted leads. How do you actually generate those quality leads consistently to help your sales people make new sales?