17Jan 2020

Business Follow Up Advice

'10 Minute Tip' by Neil Sinclair - Small Business Automation Expert - 7am until 9:30am

Neil Sinclair has been a professional Business Coach since 2001. Neil has also recruited, trained and managed dozens of other business coaches.

During Neil’s Coaching career he has guided hundreds of Small Businesses owners like you to build strong teams and Grow, Automate and Thrive.

Neil is famous for his “no-nonsense” practical approach to forensically discovering what needs to be done and then implementing sound business growth strategies to meet and beat the goals of the business owners he works with.

Neil fundamentally believes the best way to show business owners how you can help them is to roll your sleeves up and actually help them.

About the conversation:

Following Up is the easiest, simplest Business Growth Opportunity that you can do in your business right now

During Neil Sinclair's 10 minute Tip you will learn some simple and easy strategies to help you enjoy the wonderful opportunity of Following up in Business;

1. How do you follow up everyone you meet at networking events to generate new leads? You’ve invested your time and money in business networking so you need a return on that investment.

2. How do you follow up all incoming leads? You’ve invested time and money in acquiring targeted leads so how do you avoid losing those opportunities.

3. How do you follow up all your customers after you’ve provided your product or service? Getting feedback will help you retain customers and win new ones. Getting reviews will help you get found and trusted and win new customers. Getting referrals from current happy customers to their friends and family is the easiest and nicest way to win new business.

4. Discover how automating some of these processes will improve your consistency and lead to higher productivity and more sustainable, predictable growth.

Come listen to Neil’s tip and discover how easy and simple it can be for you to greatly improve following-up your contacts and increase your business productivity and growth.