26Oct 2018

Top Business performance Coach in Milton Keynes

'10 Minute Tip' by Richard Perry - Top Business performance Coach - 7:15am to 9:30am

Richard Perry is a strategic advisor & coach to CEOs &

business leaders. His clients come from a wide range of industries, including executive learning, due diligence, security, aerospace, logistics, printing, marketing, waste management, healthcare & medtech.

Richard deeply believes that the gulf between just surviving as a business, & achieving sustained, accelerated growth can be bridged through the right support. Richard’s clients often seek him out when they are faced with a significant challenge or obstacle, which requires them to make a considerable change in their business.

Richard helps leaders to negotiate difficult decisions & situations, & maximise new opportunities. Richard helps his clients to create a strategy & turn it into a real plan that delivers results. He does this through a combination of the right support & in holding senior executives accountable for the growth of their business.

Richard has supported companies in over 50 markets worldwide, in the UK, Europe, Asia & Latin America, in implementing strategy & structures for major growth & transition. Richard’s methods & approach have helped clients expand into new markets, build high performance leadership teams, take advantage of profitable opportunities, improve productivity & increase revenue.

Successful relationships include his role as Consultant at Bearing Point, where he successfully supported acquisitions & international expansion through emerging markets. He also provided strategic consultancy for Orkash Services, assisting them in supporting governments, corporates

& investors in critical projects. Other key roles include Regional Director of AstraZeneca & his work on the UK India Business Council.

Richard’s 30-year professional career includes leadership roles in companies in four different continents. He is also an entrepreneur who has built & managed his own consultancy business. Richard’s approach to his own work challenges is consistent with the advice he gives his clients.

He is constantly seeking ways to improve his business, & tackle obstacles. Using proven methodologies & techniques, Richard helps his clients to determine their strategic goals & implement procedures to ensure performance accountability. He also helps leaders to remain focused on, & accountable for, targeted results through regular planning sessions.

Richard holds a Masters in Economics, Management & International Relations from the University of St Andrews, & a Diploma in Business Administration and Management from Henley Management College.

About the conversation:

Would you love to find out how to improve your business performance?

If you strive to improve your business it’s important to improve yourself & your team first.

How would you change existing behaviour within yourself & your colleagues in the workplace?

Richard Perry is a leading Business Performance Coach specialising in behavioural change. Using a simple but very effective business tool called FeedFORWARD developed by Marshall Goldsmith of UCLA & Jon Katzenbach of Harvard Business School. Richard will shed light on one of the most difficult areas of change within any business – behaviour!

Richard’s his unique insight into this potentially catastrophic subject, that could have a very serious impact on any business, will provide suggestions on how to achieve positive changes for the future.

Not many of us like feedback. It’s often seen as criticism & negative. Instead, Richard will show you how right you can be about the future because, as he says, ‘successful people love getting ideas for the future’.

Marshall Goldsmith’s FeedFORWARD tool is to provide individuals, teams & organisations with ideas & suggestions for the future to help them achieve positive changes in behaviour. FeedFORWARD focuses on the future in a positive way rather than wasted time on looking backwards. The difference is simply fundamental.  Positive ideas about the future, the impact on teams & individuals will motivate & drive people forward to achieve better results.

Richard’s 10 minute tip will be different & it’s never a bad thing to break with how things have always been done & look at things in a new light. An open mind & the nerve to try something different can pay dividends, both in terms of the bottom line & building of a great team.