07Dec 2018

Milton Keynes Top Business Processes Expert

'10 Minute Tip' by James Rowell - Top Business process Expert - 7:15am until 9:30am

James Rowell gained an in depth practical knowledge of business and management whilst working with corporate organisations.James’ early career was in IT, developing and supporting business systems for both commercial and public sector operations. This developed into marketing and sales roles, in a large multinational computer group.

James has now developed his knowledge to help SMEs successfully develop and grow their businesses and markets. Following that, James joined the academic world, notably with the University of Buckingham, and recently a semester at MEF University in Istanbul, Turkey.

James’ professional objectives are to apply this experience to support organisations in creating business capability and focus, leading to competitive success.

About the conversation:

How important are reliable processes for your business success?

If you want to build and grow a successful profitable business, reliable processes are vital.

James Rowell, a leading Strategy and Process Consultant from Advent Management, will explain how developing good processes supports your business desire to create satisfied customers who will come back again and again.  At the same time having great processes will also motivate your team.


I am sure you realise that a growing business needs really robust processes to avoid creating chaos. Are you certain that your team fully understand exactly how to consistently deliver great service to customers even when you’re not there to watch over them? Making sure that anybody you have delegated operations to does that well every time helps you sleep at night.  So building reliable processes gives you more sleep!

The added bonus you enjoy by having the right processes is that you will build a great reputation with your customers who will return time after time.