16 Feb 2018

Business Networking Meeting with Milton Keynes only Time Lord

'10 Minute Tip' by Arwyn Bailey - The Time Lord - 7.15am until 9.30am

Arwyn Bailey is now focused on corporate photography; teaching photography; exhibiting his own photography.  Arwyn changed from having been an IFA for 20 years to becoming a photographer in 2012 after a series of stresses, including a life changing one - his brother's suicide - which motivated him to take stock of his own life quickly.


Arwyn went to a counsellor for counselling, left the financial sector, started as a photographer & turned his passion into his business. Arwyn has built up contacts in fashion, design, visual arts & media to enable his creativity to flow.


Arwyn has taken advice from his father in law who has been an accountant for 40 years - He believes it takes 3 years to see if a business works, 5 years to start making a profit, 7 years to start making a living. Arwyn is now at the 5 year stage.


Arwyn is now a Visual Arts Doctor - & a Time-Lord! Come & find out what he means by that.


Arwyn takes people through time, by capturing moments in time through the art of photography & videography.


Arwyn is a creative, level headed chap, who uses imagination in order to create long lasting & relevant art.

About the conversation:

Here's a link I have been asked to add about starting a Wedding Photography Business 

How to avoid the seven mistakes that will ruin your business.


How to build longevity into your business and gain a foundation to your business & personal life.


Employed or employee, it doesn’t matter. We live in the age of the instant. When Arwyn Bailey grew up the only instant thing was the dessert, Angel Delight. Today is not so much of a delight at times with our clients expecting to have instant access to us 24-7-365.


You will learn strategies that you can easily implement to alter your life immediately to be more productive & more effective from someone who has the t-shirt, read the book & starred in the video.


Learn how to regain control of your life & be more successful at what you do.


Here’s why you should trust Arwyn & come & learn from his experiences.  He has run unsuccessful businesses & lost loads of money. He has also run successful businesses. Arwyn has also undergone counselling & understands mental health illness such as depression…