09Jun 2017

Milton Keynes Top NLP Expert

'10 Minute Tip' by Roy McDonald - Milton Keynes Top NLP Expert

Why Roy McDonald’s expertise can put you firmly in the driving seat of your business

27 years’ experience in training and selling in the corporate world, mixed with a dash of SME’s and a sprinkling of small businesses, have equipped Roy with the knowledge to enlighten people AND put them right in the driving seat of where they want to travel.

Having trained as an NLP Coach / NLP Practitioner and as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Roy pulls on all his resources in training, mentoring, selling and managing, to coach, train and help people who are stuck or are unclear about the direction they need to drive towards.

And what does DRIVE mean?

DRIVE - Destination – Reality – Inspiration – Vision – Effect

Still wondering why you should believe in your own success?

Whether you are a business or an individual, Coach Forever Ltd, founded by Roy McDonald, is a company that specialises in helping people overcome their limiting beliefs.

•       How often do you find yourself in a rut, not sure what to do next, how to do it, and generally feel lost?

•       How often do you say to yourself if my team performed well and listened to me, work would be a much better place?

•       How about flying on your next vacation or business trip, how do you feel before take off, during the flight and when landing?

•       How often do you feel stressed, anxious, tired, and low?

“I could go on,” says Roy, “but if I did my working life would be full of questions that affect us on a daily basis. Luckily for you, you can check out my website and it will transform your life forever.”

“After reading my profile, you will realise that all is not lost and help is at hand,” Roy continues. “In order to effect change, WE need to change, and we do this by changing our thought patterns or re-programming our minds.”

“NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) mindfulness and CBT are just some of the effective techniques we can use to improve your mental wellbeing and get you right back into that crucial driving seat … not only of your business but of your entire life.”

About the conversation:

As business owners, we should be firmly in the driving seat of our businesses and know exactly where we are going – as opposed to drifting from day to day as some of us do.

However, without the right thought process and performance model, many of us find ourselves almost as passengers in our business … letting it drive us, and so risking that it won’t get us to our destination in the ways that we want – if at all.

This Friday morning at Business Growth Club Milton Keynes, expert coach Roy McDonald shares the key points of his tried and tested DRIVE system - used with many of his clients with great success. It’s a system not too dissimilar to the industry standard GROW Coaching Model; but Roy’s system is proven to work and deliver “what it says on the tin.” In other words, the driving lesson of a lifetime.

What you’ll get from this tip? You’ll re-evaluate your business and think about having a clear, defined outcome. Guaranteed to DRIVE you towards better business processes and greater profitability.