28 Sep 2018

Milton Keynes Top Small Business Planning Expert

'10 Minute Tip' by Neil Sinclair - Milton Keynes Top Small Business Planning Expert

Neil Sinclair has been a successful Business Coach since 2001, helping hundreds of owner managers to significantly grow their businesses.

Neil is big fan of using technology & automation to help small business owners grow their businesses. That’s why he has become a 'Certified LivePlan Expert Advisor'.  He can help you set it up correctly & then plan, implement & manage the results of your business planning.

During his 10-minute presentation Neil will give you examples of effective Small Business planning techniques. He will show you how well monitored business planning can transform your results.

About the conversation:

Does your organisation have a proper business plan that you monitor regularly?

It’s a fact that Small Business owners who have a proper Business plan that they monitor & follow achieve significantly more growth!  If you want your business to grow get a plan and stick to it!

Neil Sinclair of Libabun BEN is Milton Keynes Top Small Business Planning expert.  Neil has been researching the best tools to help you create a proper business plan & monitor it daily, weekly & monthly.

Neil’s research has led him to adopt an online Small Business Planning Tool called LivePlan.  It integrates with online accounting software applications Xero, QuickBooks & many others.  That means you can actually develop, monitor & manage your Small Business Plan using the real numbers in your business, in real-time! This empowers you to quickly make well informed decisions about your business.

Neil’s talk won’t be a sales pitch for LivePlan. He will using it as an example of good Business Planning for your organisation.