26Feb 2021

Business Networking Meeting - Performance and Mindset Expert

'10 Minute Tip' by Geoff Nicholson - Performance & Mindset Expert 8am to 10am

Geoff Nicholson left school at 16 to work in his family’s confectionery business “The home of Fizz Bombs”.

Later on Geoff really found his place working in the printing industry for over ten years as a purchasing manager.

Sadly, after a very serious illness Geoff found he needed to make a career change.  Geoff re-trained as a therapist specialising in Chronic Stress-related conditions.  This experience inspired Geoff to start coaching.  Geoff made best use of his skills to motivate high achievers to reach their full potential and create exceptional results in their lives and businesses.

Geoff works well with entrepreneurs, small to medium sized business owners and professionals from a wide variety of sectors. You can contact him

Phone: 07909 685 142
Email: info@geoffnicholson.uk
Sype: gncoach
Web: geoffnicholson.uk
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About the conversation:

Kick Mediocrity in the Nuts because Sh*t Happens on Your Road to Success

Geoff Nicholson is a leading performance and mindset expert. Geoff will show you the 5 phases of creating your successful plan.  Geoff believes this is critical for you to maintain your positive momentum.   It will help you stay on track when the “solids hit the air conditioning”.  You know that sh*t will always happen at some point.

1. Identifying your Success – exactly what does Success really mean to you?

2. See The Big Picture – get absolute clarity to see what your life will look and feel like when you’ve achieved your success.

3. Know your S.H.I.T. Process - Discover the core phases to build your success.

4. Create Your Goals and the right outcomes for your alignment.

5. Rituals & Systems – build on the right foundations to achieve your goals.

Geoff believes that your success starts in your own head. It’s all about how you show up. Geoff’s 5 phase success plan will increase your productivity and performance.  These 5 phases are based on all the in depth research that Geoff's studied over many years.

Geoff will show you how to get more done while making sure you maintain a healthy and happy blend for your work and your life.