28Feb 2020

Productivity Expert Comes to Milton Keynes

'10 Minute Tip' by Tristan Griffiths - Productivity Expert - 7am until 9:30am

From a strong hospitality background, Tristan Griffiths regularly draws on his experience to help his clients remember the importance of putting the customer experience first.

Tristan builds recipes that business owners and their teams can easy follow to achieve strong results online. Become great at storytelling, be authentic, honest and connect with your followers where they are and you won’t go far wrong.

ItsNomad9 is a concept Tristan created whilst travelling in Australia. A Full Digital Media Agency that puts social at the heart by offering opportunities to those less fortunate. Get the help you need & feel good about it too!

Tristan & his team are always very excited to help new clients in any of the following areas:


▶ Business Strategy Consultation
▶ Content Creation (Including 360 Photography & Video Production)
▶ Google My Business, Maps & Street View Setup & Migration
▶ Full Digital Media Account Management


▶ Team Training Programmes + Workshops
▶ Conference & Event Presentation / Public Speaking

Whether it’s one to one help or preparing and training your team, ItsNomad9 offers bespoke packages that deliver in all these areas:-

▶ Team Building
▶ Emotional Intelligence
▶ Enhancing The Customer Experience
▶ Easy Content Creation


Having started his first business aged 12, accruing over a decade of hospitality experience & now backed by a Digital Media Degree from one of the UK’s most acclaimed creative universities - Tristan is working all over the UK, delivering results for clients worldwide.


Across all the socials as @ImTristanG



About the conversation:

Would you like to work for 15 minutes and get paid for an hour?

Our 10 Minute Tipper this week is Tristan Griffiths of ItsNomad9. Tristan first came to Business Growth Club to do a Tip and loved it so much he’s been back as a visitor several times. That’s why we’ve asked him to do another tip.

Tristan will be delivering some proven productivity tips that could help you get 4 times as much done for exactly the same amount of time and effort. Imagine only having to work for 15 minutes to earn what used to take you an hour? You’ll either make four times as much money or you’ll enjoy a whole lot more free time. Which would you prefer?

Tristan will show you a whole host of great easy to use and implement productivity tools to help you manage your digital presence so it serves your purpose rather than ruling your life. Tristan has proved that whatever line of work you’re in, there are always multiple opportunities for you to use the right tools to improve your working life by increasing your efficiency.

Tristan will introduce you to his Full Tool Kit of time saving and automation apps to leverage your time and improve your communication with your target audience. You’ll get more done, more consistently with less effort.

Tristan believes strongly that the most important part of what he teaches is helping you make the most of all the time you’ll be saving. That’s what can make a really big difference to your life, not just your work or your income.

I’ve often teased Tristan about his waterproof bluetooth earphones that he uses to “read” audio books in the shower or whilst swimming. However, he absolutely assures me that this talk will not be about multi-tasking.

Tristan has been described as a fast talking international speaker. He’s also the self styled Chief Innovation Officer of his Digital and Social Marketing Agency, ItsNomad9. Tristan has a proven track record of helping his clients achieve amazing result by applying a fresh set of eyes to their systems and processes. Would you love that for your organisation?

When was the last time you took a fresh look at what you do with a whole new perspective?

Here are some of the areas that Tristan’s tools will help you with:-

* Content Creation
* Photo & Video Editing
* Digital Cloud Storage & Sharing
* Communication & Accessibility
* Learning & Upskilling
* Communication
* Automation
* Accessibility
...and much more

The great news is all these tools are very easy to implement and either free or low cost. So, the return on your investment in both time and money will be huge.

But, results are what matters to you. Here are some recent examples of the results Tristan’s clients have enjoyed by using his tools.

* Save over 40 hours per month
* Increase profits by 300% in 3 weeks
* Make over $60k in just 8 weeks

10 Minute Tippers at Business Growth Club are not allowed to use our platform as a sales pitch. I’ve known Tristan for quite a while now and he’s always been very giving of his time to me and many others. That’s just the kind of bloke he is.

Our meeting finishes at 9:30am and Tristan will be sticking around afterwards. He’s offering to give any attendee at least another 10 minutes of his valuable time for free doing a quick overview of what you currently do and suggesting ways you can shave seconds, minutes, days, weeks and even months off of your daily tasks over the coming years.