11Sep 2020

Professional Sales Person

'10 Minute Tip' by Brian Greenwood - Professional Sales Person - From 7am until 9:30am

Brian Greenwood has been a Professional Sales Person for 40 years.  In all that time the only constant in his professional life has been change.

Brian is also a football referee and a DJ.  The lessons he's learnt from his professional and personal life have taught him how to adapt to anything which is new.

Come and challenge him this Friday.  he's used to objections :-)

About the conversation:

Is Selling Outdated?

The answer to this simple question will surprise you.

Is selling outdated?

Are Sales People a relic of the past?

Are Buyers in Control?

Professional Sales Expert, Brian Greenwood has worked in sales from 1980 until 2020.  In that 40 years of hard earned successful experience he's had to learn how to adapt and change and he's still learning.

This 10 Minute Tip will be deliberately challenging.  Brian has his answer to this question but he expects you to have yours too.

You'll learn from him and he also expects to learn from you.  That's what The Business Growth Club Milton Keynes is all about.