04Dec 2020

"Stop being so nice" by a Professional Soft Skills Trainer

'10 Minute Tip' by Frank Newberry - Professional Soft Skills Trainer - 8am to 10am

Frank Newberry has been helping both small and large businesses to get better results from their people for over 30 years. As a trainer, performance consultant and motivational speaker Frank has consistently achieved breakthrough results for his clients who include St Andrews Links, BT, Cambridge Weight Plan, O2, Oxford University Sport, UK Borders Agency and VW.

Typical assignments include transforming team morale and team performance, problem solving, building the confidence of new leaders (at all levels) and overcoming the difficulties that can be caused by communication problems - within a work team, or across departments.

Frank is passionate about people maximising their own skills and getting the most out of their relationships with their teams and their

Frank runs highly interactive and very practical training courses. All Frank’sskill development courses include realistic practice sessions and peer feedback – given in an honest and supportive way.

Here’s some of Frank’s testimonials :-

Frank, I have to tell you that some of the things I have learned from you over the past two days I will remember for the rest of my life’.
David Lippiatt, Dunham Forest Country Club.

Frank, I have had so many people calling and texting about your session - saying how great it was - possibly the best they have been to. It was a great day!’ Ryan Irwin, Southern Turf Managers Association, New Zealand

‘Fantastic Instructor. Frank is a great teacher!’
John Bedford, Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre

Frank, thank you again for your support. You really are a legend. Much appreciated’.
Geoff Webb, CEO, Grounds Management Association

‘I have been extremely impressed with Frank’s work’ Jon Roycroft, Director of Sport, Oxford University.

Frank, the meeting we had in Postojna was very interesting for me because I had heard a lot about you … Darko (the manager) was right; you know how to motivate people’ Suzana Kozel, TV Journalist, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Here are the titles of 19 different courses Frank has perfected. Frank can also build a bespoke customised course just for you

1. Persuading People
2. Getting Better Deals
3. Getting Better Results
4. Working Well Together
5. Upgrading Your Influence
6. Assertiveness at Work
7. Overcoming Resistance to Change
8. Problem Solving and Decision Making
9. Resolving Workplace Conflict Situations
10. Recruitment Interviewing
11. Selection Testing
12. Transforming Your Leadership Performance
13. Transforming the Team’s Performance
14. Making Meetings More Effective
15. Conference Speaker Masterclass
16. Persuasive Presentations
17. Media Handling Skills
18. Reading to Retain and Recall
19. Writing at Work

Telephone 01908 520 202

Mobile 07939 200 056

Email info@franknewberry.com

Website www.franknewberry.com

About the conversation:


Learn how to get better results by being more open and direct with people.

It will help you to negotiate better and get your own way more often.

Professional soft skills writer and trainer Frank Newberry will deliver this week’s 10 Minute Tip.

Here are some of the key points that Frank will cover this Friday morning 4th December from 8am until 10am.

You’ll learn How to quickly check if you are being too nice for your own good. You may even be introduced to Frank’s “Nice-O-Meter”

Learn how to discover both the positive and negative things that people are saying about you behind your back.

Discover why your progress is often dependent on you being unreasonable sometimes.

Here’s a quote from Frank which sums it all up:-

“Everywhere I go I see people seeking the approval of others. Approval they do not need. Too many of them do not succeed because they put ‘harmony’ in business relationships above everything else. They refuse to say how they really feel, and they will not ask for what they really want. Rather, they choose to be ‘fake’ in order to avoid any tension or conflict.

A much bigger problem is that other people can see right through their facade”.

This 10-minute tip is for you if you are in business and you suspect you are, or might be, too nice to people sometimes. You’ll learn how to be less ‘nice’ without losing your friends, losing your business, or changing your personality.