23Feb 2024

Create Your Own Successful Sales Enablement Strategy

'10 Minute Tip' by Ksenia Molodych - Sales Enablement Expert - 7am to 9:30am

Ksenia Molodych from XOO is a Sales Enablement Expert. She created XOO as a personal passion to help businesses like yours grow and thrive as this is where she finds the biggest reward.

XOO is based on an innovative approach to sales enablement. Leveraging a mix of marketing, sales, customer care and revenue operations. All spiced up with a unique business perspective which is often a missing ingredient.

With over 15 years of experience in the areas above, Ksenia has helped businesses in various industries, from construction to technology. She’s had great success from start-ups to established SMEs, helping them take the next step in revenue growth.

Ksenia has received several testimonials including this one.

“Ksenia gave us the exact direction and support we needed at a pivotal moment for our business. She wears numerous hats across the marketing remit and dived straight in to begin helping us solve problems. Working together with Ksenia, we were able to build processes, figure out priority areas to focus on in our outbound strategy and complete a senior hire in record time. We'd recommend her services to any team wanting to step up their game.” - Nick Rawkins, CEO, Reconome

Ksenia works really well with organisations between 20-250 people that are ambitious to grow. Have you grown for a while but now hit a brick wall or slowed down but you don’t know why? Are you about to embark on a new step in your journey? Do you have new leadership in place or have you just secured new funding?

Ksenia works particularly well with all B2B industries. She also works best with Directors, Managing Directors, CEOs, CROs.

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About the conversation:

Create Your Own Successful Sales Enablement Strategy

Once upon a time, there was a business called “TriumphIQ” and it was filled with passionate, savvy and intelligent people. One day they decided to challenge the status quo and embarked on a journey to conquer new heights of success. Before they knew it, the other 5.5 million businesses were commencing a very similar adventure. But TriumphIQ knew 3 magical elements that could fuel their success...

76% of the businesses that have invested in sales enablement have reported a 230% increase in revenues.

In this tip, Ksenia will explain what a sales enablement strategy is and why you need to crack just 3 elements for it to be successful.

1 - Psychology:

Here comes the old well-known truth - people buy from people, no matter if you’re in the B2B or B2C sector, it is all about human interactions. It’s all B2H. To be able to position yourself to sell successfully, you need to TRULY understand and empathise with your target audience.

2 - Data:

For both sales and marketing teams, data serves as a compass, guiding them towards understanding customer behaviour, preferences, and market trends. You can empathise with your target audience but you cannot exclude validation of your assumptions.

3 - Collaboration:

Every sales enablement strategy has to be created with your customer at heart. The true beauty behind your customer satisfaction and excellent customer experience comes from close-loop feedback and collaboration between all direct and indirect customer-facing teams.

Just like TriumphIQ, guess what - you can triumph as well! Whether you’ve just started your business or maybe you’ve been going for years and hit a growth wall. Maybe you’re just super ambitious. Would you love a 230% increase in revenue? Does that sound great to you?