22Apr 2022

Business Networking Meeting - Improve Your Sustainability with the 6 Capital Model

'10 Minute Tip' by Courtney Soulsby - Sustainability Expert - 7am to 9:30am

Courtney Soulsby works as a Global Director for the Healthcare and Life Sciences sector team for the British Standards Institution, BSI. She’s working to understanding market challenges and future needs of the healthcare sector.

Courtney works with key clients and industry partners to develop holistic solutions, strategies and programs. Courtney has worked with pharmaceutical and health and care providers for over a decade and has experience in supply chain risk management.

Courtney focusses on environmental, social, and ethical concerns for corporate sustainability strategies.

About the conversation:

Improve Your Sustainability with the 6 Capital Model

Are you keen to improve the Sustainability of your organisation? Many organisations, particularly smaller ones, can find sustainability overwhelming. Their leaders just don’t know where to start.

Our 10 Minute Tipper, Courtney Soulsby will show you how The 6 Capital Model will give you a very simple and understandable starting point for your organisation.

You’ll discover how to amalgamate the activities you’re already doing into your overall sustainability strategy

You’ll also learn how to easily identify where the gaps are so you can focus on those areas where you most need to improve your sustainability.

Book your place to get a practical framework to start your sustainability journey.

This tip will be very important for all business leaders, large and small, particularly if you’re responsible for environmental and quality within your organisation.

You’ll be able to build your own map for your own business sustainability strategy against the 6 Capital framework.