11Oct 2019

Small Business Development and Strategy Expert

'10 Minute Tip' by Mark Kiteley - Business Development & Strategy - 7am until 9:30am

Mark Kiteley, started his first company in electronics in 1978 in the hamlet of Hulcote and gave it the very original name of Hulcote Electronics. He sold it in 1992, stayed on as a divisional director and saw the business sold again in 1999.

Mark then worked for a number of other companies building them up from very little to quite a lot, until he was appointed a director of Wallgate Services which in April 2008 was an AIM listed company with a value of £38M. By November it was bust!

It was at that point that Mark realised he had been running companies for over 30 years and had no idea what he was doing. So Mark went back to school and now holds the Diploma in Company Direction from the Institute of Directors.

Mark is and experienced Executive Director with expertise in Service Management, Reverse Logistics, Quality Management Systems, Internal Audit processes, and Business Development. Mark particularly enjoys lateral development of a core business to build strength and sustainability in the rapidly changing business environment. 

Mark is also an experienced Non Executive Director in a number of businesses, including the public sector. He has over 10 years experience in Audit, Corporate Governance and Strategic Planning.

Mark currently runs his own company, Garmar Services and divides his time between “making stock disappear”, and business consulting on Strategy, Risk, Audit and Business Development.

Mark has helped SME’s from, one person bands up to £50,000,000 organisations with 200 or so employees. He’s worked with owner managers, board directors and those with responsibility for Strategy. He’s also consulted with non-Exec’s needing independent insight into their businesses.

About the conversation:

Imagine you’re sitting on a 3 legged stool. The seat of that stool is your business and you’re on top of it.

You’re contemplating the success of your business and how it supports you. You’re in perfect harmony with your work life balance. Leading and managing your business is effortless.

The three different legs of your stool each have name. They’re called Strategy, Risk and Audit. If you take any one of those legs away, you’ll become unbalanced. Let’s face it, you probably started out unbalanced which is why you went into business in the first place.

Now you’ll have to work really hard and use lots of energy just to avoid falling over. You’ll be flailing your arms around like mad trying to stay balanced. Eventually, you’ll have to put your legs down to restore your balance. At that point you are no longer on top of your business, it’s on top of you. Your business won’t be supporting you. You will be supporting your business.

In his 10 minute tip Business Development and Strategy Expert, Mark Kiteley will demonstrate the close relationship of these three legs of your business, Strategy, Risk and Audit. He will explain how executing these three key activities will enable you to stay on top of your business and remain calm and in harmony with your world.