03Nov 2023

Discover how you can make more profit from your telcoms systems

'10 Minute Tip' by Lindsey Godden - Telecommunications Expert - 7am until 9:30am

Lindsey Gooden from MInt Technology has 14 years of frontline experience in the telecoms industry. She has gained this experience within smaller and larger telecoms organisations. She has developed extensive knowledge of different telecoms systems which means she can offer sound advice on how they can deliver a rapid rate of return on your investment.

Because Lindsey has advised organisations from a variety of sectors and of varying sizes she can demonstrate a clear understanding of what will work best for you. Her primary consideration is to help her clients work smarter, get real efficiency benefits from their system and achieve a genuine positive return on their investment.

Lindsey has a genuine passion to help business owners like you see real benefits and get a positive return on your investment. She wants to make sure your system gives you something back. That's why she is so keen to demonstrate the sales and marketing benefits that the right system can deliver to your organisation. These innovative ideas are what motivated Lindsey to found her own telecoms business 18 months ago.

Lindsey and her team at Mint Technology work really well with Estate and Lettings Agents, Solicitors and recruitment consultants.

Lindsey is offering every attendee a free comprehensive analysis of your current telecoms.

Contact Lindsey

M : 07436 100647 - T : 01296 254444
E : lindsey@wearemint.tech - W : www.wearemint.tech

About the conversation:

Learn How to Make More Profit from your Telecoms Systems?

You probably spend a lot of your time and your money promoting your business and trying to get your phone ringing. Learn how to make sure what you’re already doing is really working and make it fully trackable.

This is incredibly important to smaller organisations who need to maximise the profits from their sales, marketing and networking activities and make sure they’re all working. You cannot afford to waste your time and money on marketing that isn’t generating new revenue. You’ll also benefit from selling other products and services to customers you already have.

None of the above is an additional service or cost. It’s all about understanding how you can optimise what you’re already paying for and how you can take full advantage of all its capabilities.

Setting up your telecoms in the correct way will save you money on your marketing costs. It will also generate additional revenue by consistently upselling and cross selling to all the people who are already calling.
Most callers have a need for your service. They are calling for a specific reason. Maybe they have no idea what else you can do for them? How you can add value and solve other problems? A very well managed telecoms system will consistently and reliably cross sell your callers into your other products and services. That makes you more profit.

When a new prospect does call you what experience do they have? Does your phone system help to demonstrate your business in the best possible way? Are you really giving your potential new customer the very best example of what your business can do for them? Learn how really well managed telecoms can help represent your business in the best way to attract new customers and retain them.