09Nov 2018

Top Website Engagement Expert comes to Milton Keynes

'10 Minute Tip' by Huge Gage - Top Website Engagement Expert in Milton Keynes - 7:15am to 9:30am

Hugh Gage is a digital analytics consultant and Founder of The Prompt Payment Directory.

Hugh focuses on helping his clients improve corporate performance by understanding and addressing the needs of their target audience in the online environment.

Hugh's worked with more than 30 businesses in retail, education, food and drink, travel and leisure, finance, media, B2B, legal and the list is growing. As a consequence Hugh’s able to transfer learnings and fresh ideas across many industries.

Hugh’s proud to have worked with many of my clients for several years and much of my work comes from referrals and repeat business

About the conversation:

Just how seriously do you take your own websites visitors?

Businesses do tend to put a lot of effort into getting potential customers to visit their website. They engage SEO experts, copywriters, spend time checking out the competition for & buy images - and the smart ones even have a call to action at every opportunity

However, doing all the above does not get the whole job done!!

One key observation is that most, if not all of us, are guilty of is not learning or finding out more about the people who visit our website.

Now you have the opportunity to put that right. Ask yourself….outside of name and a couple of other basic bits of info you ask for when people click on your website, what else have you done to find out more about this potential client.

Hugh Gage has over a decade of experience at the helm of his company, Engage Digital. Since Hugh founded the company, he has worked with some of the UK’s leading brands in various market sectors including, the retail sector, education, food and drink, travel and the leisure markets, finance, media B2B and the legal profession.

Hugh’s 10 min tip will focus on driving three main points firmly home:

1) A starting reference to show you how to find out more about the people that visit your website.

2) What kind of tools you need to do this.

3) How that data can help you generate useful insights into your business.

The key message will be that this kind of insight is easy and not expensive to gather – and we are all fond of saying "information is king"; well now’s your chance to find out how to get that information and make really good use of it.

So, if you’re working for your own business or you're a professional who actively uses your website as an integral part of your marketing strategy, then this is a must for you.

Remember, understanding the motivations of your potential customers is a critical part of giving people what they want. You could learn new ways of improving your performance by better understanding the motivations of people that interact with you online.