14Feb 2020

Ecological Business Expert

'10 Minute Tip' by Datis Gol - Ecological Business Expert - 7am until 9:30am

Datis Gol is a well-known speaker and the multi award winning founder and owner of Milton Keynes famous micro brewery, Bucks Star Beer.

After gaining a First Class Law degree, a Diploma in Legal Practice and a Masters in Banking Law Datis spent his early career based in London gaining valuable business insights whilst working for Barclays as an analyst in London.

That helped him decide what he didn’t want to do for the rest of his life and was the catalyst to starting his own business in 2013.

About the conversation:

Discover an entirely different set of important business skills from award winning Milton Brewer, Datis Gol this Friday morning, 14th February from 7am until 9:30am. It’s Valentine’s day so Datis will show you how to fall in love with your business, your customers and your suppliers. Share the love.

In 2013 Datis took the brave decision to found his own boutique microbrewery in his home town of Milton Keynes. From day one Datis followed an important set of personal principles to make the best beer that he possibly could.

The launch of Bucks Star Beer included having a focus on the future. The brewery only uses organic ingredients and has a sustainability programme that included the use of solar-power.

This strategy is complimented by the design of the pioneering a zero-waste beverage solution called ‘Growler Swap’ which is unique in Europe. Further plans for 2020 include opening his Brewery Tap House, directly opposite the brewery which will also be committed to sustainability whilst using local, quality artisans and products.

Datis will be showing you how to create an exceptional and unique offering for your customers. You will learn how to follow your own authentic path without being blown off course by the expectations of others. Do your own thing and do it well.

He will also be demonstrating long forgotten business management tools like gratitude, self-belief, self confidence, commitment and forgiveness. This will be a very different kind of tip from a man with a huge amount of passion for his product and his cause.

You know how tough business can be. Competition is rife, particularly in the brewing industry which is a very cut throat environment. If you compete on exactly the same playing field as everybody else whoever has the most money will always win the game. Set your own rules, play your own game and you have a far better chance of success.

The combination of Datis entering into a crowded market and doing so whilst holding absolutely true to his zero waste principles and not harming the environment shows real determination, vision, passion and immense strength.

This meeting will be very different from your identikit business advisors. It will inspire you to think very seriously about alternative ways of doing business that will improve your performance and contribute to avoiding the climate crisis that some say is upon us.

If you like to be challenged and you’re open minded this will be a great event for you. Get out of your current comfort zone and feel even more comfortable for doing so :-)