15 Feb 2019

Milton Keynes Renowned Business Tax Reduction Expert

'10 Minute Tip' by John Pratt - Business Tax Reduction Expert - 7:15am to 9:30am

John Pratt gained a degree in Chartered Accountancy and Finance from The University of Hertfordshire.  He then went on to gain another degree in Accountancy and Finance from BBP University leading him to qualify with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

John decided to acquire industry experience in accountancy and business finance by working in the IT, space and manufacturing industries.

Then in 2010 John was ready to set up his own firm and do things differently from traditional accountants.

John concentrates on helping smaller companies thrive and grow into bigger ones aided by technology.

About the conversation:


How many times have you heard that?  Sadly, it’s true!

You’ll never avoid or evade death no matter how well you live your life.  It’s illegal to evade tax BUT it’s really sensible to avoid paying any more than you legally have to, particularly in business.

This Friday morning, 15th February at 7:15am the Business Growth Club Milton Keynes  ’10 Minute Tipper’ is John Pratt, Managing Director of Bidwell Accountancy, a recognised Milton Keynes expert in reducing business taxes.

With the end of another tax year just a matter of weeks away John will deliver SEVEN key tax savings tips to help your businesses or your employer reduce their tax bill and yours.

John will also be talking about the benefits of making tax digital, which will be essential in the future, reducing costs, errors and leaving you as a business owner more time to concentrate on actually making money and growing your business. If time allows John will also tell us how to save even more money by going directly to HMRC

Now if that doesn’t whet your appetite, John will also be telling us a few of the new legal requirements for VAT registered businesses coming into force on April 1st 2019. Don't be a fool, find out before you get caught out!

Accountancy has a reputation as a "cure for insomnia" but John’s practice couldn’t be further from that old fashioned boring image.  John's success has been built on reducing mountains of paperwork through technology.  Making big accounting bills a thing of the past and keeping up with the ever changing face of business finance.

Every business needs to be up to date, Do you have the most effective financial systems and can see into the future!  John can help you will that.