15 Mar 2019

Milton Keynes Leading Bio-Hacking Personal Trainer

'10 Minute Tip' by Darren Pyefinch - Milton Keynes Leading Bio hacking Personal Trainer - 7:00am to 9:30am

Darren Pyefinch has had a long and successful career in software testing.  That has given Darren a very enquiring and analytical mentality.

Darren’s dedication to his career made him quite unhealthy so he started to apply his analytical enquiring mind to research into why he was so unhealthy and unhappy.

Darren’s extensive and careful research has made him a leading expert as well as being much healthier and happier. 

Darren applies the use of technology to test, measure and improve his client’s health.

About the conversation:


Many Small Business owners like you know their financial numbers. That’s how you measure the health of your business and how it’s improving.   But, have you ever looked at your own health numbers? No! 

Would you love to find out how your health numbers stack up and how to improve them?  Discover the secrest from Darren Pyefinch, Milton Keynes leading Bio Hacking Personal Health Mentor at the Business Growth Club MK on 15th March 2019. 

Your business operates in a very competitive world.  You work very hard for long hours. You may also tend to sleep less. You don’t always look after yourself as well as you should to keep your body healthy and fit enough to work well. 

Now is always a great time for pause for thought. Stop now and take a some time out to think.  If you become ill tomorrow what would happen to your business and your income. How will that affect your family and their lifestyle? If you’re as stupid as me your answer is “I’m bullet proof, I’m never ill”.  This “Head in the Sand” attitude is just naïve and won’t protect you. 

Darren Pyefinch is a Certified Bulletproof Coach and Milton Keynes Leading Bio Hacking Personal Trainer. Darren is a recognised expert in so much more than just diets, going to the gym or running and jogging. In today’s highly demanding small business arena you need a lot more than that to make sure you’re fully fit and ready to perform well in your business!  The combination of his massive personal training techniques and experience together with extensively researched “Bio-hacking” has shown amazing results for so many clients time after time. 

Your business and your family need you to be fit and healthy. 

Darren will be giving you tips on how to look after your body for long term health and getting to grips with your current state of health.  If you don’t know your starting point how will you be able to measure your improvements.  Darren will also be discussing testing your DNA, gut, blood and chronic inflammation and how this directly affects your performance in your business.  “It’s your business to look after yourself so you can look after your businesses”