02 Feb 2018

Milton Keynes Top Human Resources Management Expert

'10 Minute Tip' by Lindsey Charlesworth - Human Resources Management Expert - 7.15am until 9.30am

Lindsey is a highly qualified HR professional.  As well as holding a Master’s in HRM, she has attained all her CIPD qualifications.  Lindsey is renowned for the fast & efficient resolution of HR issues.  She specialises in organisational change & in providing SMEs with advice to enhance their performance.

Lindsey loves working ‘hands-on’ with clients.  As part of the leadership team, she introduces & develops a sound ‘people strategy’ to help deliver business growth.  She helps with sourcing the right people for the right role.  She works with them throughout the probation period to ensure they’re equipped for a lengthy & mutually fruitful employment.   

Lindsey is experienced in re-structuring; providing robust platforms for growth that is effective and scalable.

So - keep ahead of the social media game.  Join us for Lindsey Charlesworth’s unmissable 10-minute tip.

About the conversation:

Social Media in the workplace? Surely not! Think again. Listen to Lindsey’s 10-minute tip on the increasing role of Social Media at work

As an employer, you’ve spent years peering over your employees’ shoulders trying (often in vain) to prevent them from wasting time on today’s big distraction - social media. But hold on.  Times are changing & Lindsey Charlesworth, HR specialist & Director of BC360 is the expert.

Lindsey has a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management.  Her recently completed dissertation explored social media in business from the employee perspective.  In her 10-minute tip, Lindsey will highlight the key conclusions of her research, before outlining her top 5 tips for employers.  The take-away will be a free employers’ social media policy.

Finding someone under the age of 60 who doesn’t use social media is about as easy as finding a Trump supporter in the downtown slums of Mexico City.  Until recently, checking out posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat has been something you do as you grab a coffee or commute to or from work.  But no longer.  Increasingly, businesses are exploring the ways in which a structured social media policy can impact on engagement and retention.

Lindsey will explain to us -

Why we should care

What we need to know

How we can find out