17Jun 2022

Business Networking Meeting - Storytelling Video Expert

'10 Minute Tip' by Paul Greasby - Story Telling Video Expert - 7am until 9:30am


Paul Greasby has been making films professionally for 30 years. Paul also runs Streamium, and a business which is over 20 years old. He has a deep understanding of the opportunities story telling video content can deliver for small business.

Paul has worked as a creative partner with businesses of all sizes. He loves the early stages of business growth and small businesses who are offering something unique. Paul helps innovative ventures stand out and get noticed. Paul is an innovator so he’ll never use a cookie cutter approach. The business world is forever changing so you need to change with it.

Paul will deliver production values that often appear big budget but aren’t. He runs an extremely efficient operation that far exceeds most people’s expectations.

About the conversation:


Tell Great Stories that Create an Emotional Response Using the Video Equipment You Already Have.

You already know how powerful video can be. You probably watch videos on YouTube and may even subscribe to some channels. Sadly, most of the advice you’ll get from professional videographers is about camera techniques, lighting and sound. They’re really important but they’re not the most important aspect of a powerful video.

The most important thing that your videos must do is successfully tell your stories to your ideal audience. They need to drive an emotional response that will engage your audience and keep them engaged. I expect, like me, you’ve stopped watching loads of very well produced films that cost multi millions of pounds to create because there was no real story. They were hoping the glitzy production and special effects would be enough, but they aren’t.

Thankfully, that also means you can make engaging videos on your own device that drive all the right emotional responses as long as they tell real stories that your audience will genuinely resonate with. This Friday morning, Video Expert, Paul Greasby will show you how you can create powerful storytelling videos using the equipment you already have.

Learn how to unleash the power of video so you don’t miss your opportunity to tell the stories that matter to your audience. Paul’s tips will help you stand out for all the right reasons.