31Jul 2020

Sustainable Abundance

'10 Minute Tip' by Katherine Tack - Abundance Magician - 7:30am to 10am

Why did Katherine Tack write Abundance Magic?

Katherine would've been really grateful if somebody had handed her a copy of Abundance Magic and the money-making card system when she was in her early 20’s.

Katherine’s life would have been very different. She could have spent time doing things she loved and getting paid very well for doing so too!

Katherine says she would have been able to do away with all the doubt and worry and uncertainty around making money. Katherine would have worked through her money blocks, embraced good money habits removed her own poverty cycle and then moved straight into living her most abundant wonderful version of life possible.

Katherine Tack is an Artist and Author. These days Katherine can usually be found painting. She'll most likely be painting a portrait of an animal which will be abstract in nature.

Writing a book was always on Katherine's bucket list, and eventually, ‘Abundance Magic’, became a reality. When not completely covered in paint and totally absorbed in the throes of her creative output, Katherine also loves cooking, bakes very badly, enjoys rambling around the English countryside, and otherwise spends far too much time at her computer.

Katherine lives in Northamptonshire with her husband and family. Katherine also has a long and highly successful career as a professional graphic designer and brand consultant in her maiden name, Katherine McAdam. She founded and runs the specialist brand consultancyBrand Magic so, as you can see, everything Katherine does is Magic.


About the conversation:

Sustainable abundance.

Katherine Tack’s new book, Abundance Magic, is a tried and tested set of tools you can use to improve your personal and business abundance and wealth.

Katherine has stress tested all the principles in her own branding consultancy business, Brand Magic. They have worked so well she was actually overwhelmed with business all the way through the recent lockdown period.

There is a strong spiritual side to Katherine’sAbundance Magic book with links to guided meditations. Katherine has supplied physical and metaphysical systems to use with the intention of helping people like you understand why you may have blocks towards receiving money in the first place.

Discover how to activate your own money genius to support a sustainable flow of abundance into your life and your business.

Learn how to identify and then successfully remove all your blocks to receiving the wealth and abundance you deserve.

Reading Katherine Tack’s new book, Abundance Magic, will dramatically energise both your personal and business goals turning them into your new reality. Katherine Tack’s new book, Abundance Magic is not designed for everyone. It will be most useful for people who really want to create sustainable abundance in their lives and their business.

Release your money blocks. Have you ever wondered why your goals don’t materialise?

Re-programme your money mindset. Katherine Tack’s new book, Abundance Magic and her money making card system will give you valuable ‘insights’ into why you may be blocking your own earning abilities.

Create sustainable abundance. Embrace good money habits. Remove your poverty cycle and live your most abundant life possible.

Katherine is in the process of creating an online course with webinars for those who learn better through video tutorials. Then she’ll introduce live workshops for those who prefer learning in an interactive environment.

Abundance Magic will also be available in an audio format in the near future.

If you want to find out more feel free to call Katherine on +44 1908 900 901 or email her at high5@abundance-magic.co.uk

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