12Oct 2018

Top LinkedIn Expert in Milton Keynes

'10 Minute Tip' by Angus Grady - The LinkedIn Unlocker - 7:15am to 9:30am

Angus Grady is an acclaimed LinkedIn expert recognised Internationally as a leading authority on how you can easily get the best out of this ever changing business platform.

Angus is known as the LinkedIn Unlocker.  He has worked successfully with a huge variety of companies & individuals to improve their profiles & grow their businesses.

Angus takes no prisoners with what he says but is very amusing, engaging & more direct than the Virgin trains from London to Milton Keynes!

Angus is also a Forbes published author. He believes in postcard marketing.  Angus is a digital & analogue enthusiast that delivers value as well as being really entertaining.

About the conversation:

Would you love to discover how to Unlock LinkedIn & find the hidden treasure?

If you are on LinkedIn’s free plan there are some limitations to what you can do & who you can find. Our 10 Minute Tipper this week is Angus Grady who is well known as the “LinkedIn Unlocker”.

He will be showing you some easy ways to get so much more out of LinkedIn even on the free plan.

Angus will help you discover the hidden treasures buried deep inside LinkedIn which will connect you to the right people to greatly improve your business results.