07 Jun 2016

Don’t Say I’m Not Serious

Author: BGC bgc

This is a picture of me AFTER dinner yesterday heading off on a practise ride, yo Padbury, and I needed my lights to get home. Strange but true, I found myself dreaming of seeing Alan’s bottom in front of me. My dream is to have that sight at the end of day one, so either Alan has set a reasonable pace or I’ve managed to keep up with his normal pace. Problem is, he’s lending me a fast bike, so I can’t use that old bike excuse. Ah well, best get focused on the final prep routine. Helmet, check. Water bottle, check. Gloves, check. Funny little toolkit, check. Plenty of pasta tonight, check. A load more padding in those shorts, check. Anyone else wanna sponsor us, justgiving or cheque.

Tom Bulman